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    This Wednesday, October 20 from 1-2pm ET, join us for a FREE webinar: The New Way to Sell Big Ticket Pools, Hot Tubs & Swim Spas. Dan McManus, President & CEO of Evosus, Inc., and Steve Ruscigno, Vice President & General Manager of Oregon Hot Tub, will ...

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    Hey Tim! Be a little more assertive. If they do not change out the filter, the sand, the valve, or whatever you think the solution may be, you'll spend more time and money on that account going forward, compensating for the shortcomings of the equipment. ...

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    Isn't that an OLD Nautilus DE filter? If it's been converted to sand, and they don't want to change the filter, just run away as fast as possible. There are definitely some customers that a business is better off without. JR Shambaugh Sales ...

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